Reserving sales tables


If you want to sell birds or bird products it is possible to hire trade stands at Zwolle Bird Market.There are two types of trade stands, there are stands in the inner ring and there are stands in the outer ring.

The trade stands in the inner ring can be rented through this website. The price is € 10, - per meter with a minimum of 2 meters. The trade stands are rented by a multiple of 2 meters.

With a trade stand of 2 meters, the entry of 1 person is included.
With a trade stand of 4 meters, the entry of maximum 2 persons is included.
With a trade stand of 6 meters, the entry of maximum 3 persons is included.
With a trade stand of 8 of more meters, the entry of maximum 4 persons is included.

Reservations are only possible through this website. You choose your salestable and how many persons are going with you. You must fill in your name, adress, postcode, city and e-mail.  

After your reservation and payment (Visa or Mastercard ) you will receive your main ticket by e-mail. This e-ticket gives access for 1 person, your sales table and free parking (by 4 meters or more ).

After the reservervation you recieve a e-mail with a promotioncode to get the free tickets for the person who are going with you.  

You should print out the e-tickets and hand it over at the entrance. The tickets are scanned for verification and you get a map of the hall showing the location of your trade stand. 

Everybody needs a ticket ! Without a e-ticket, you can not access the bird market!

There is a lot of interest in a trade stand at Zwolle Birdmarket.The market is therefore usually sell out quickly. We try to plan your trade stand at your place of the previous market. Nobody has a permanent place. No refunds possible!

The outer ring is reserved for companies with bird related products. These are permanent pitches. For more information about a trade stand in the outer ring, please contact us via

Access to the market day from 6:15 to 8:15
Access exhibitors with a car, you will be guided in the right hall.
Access exhibitors without a car via door D13

At 8:30 the hall should be free of cars. At 8:30 you're stand must be ready to sell. The hall must be free of cars before public should be admitted. 

Good examples 

  • Cages are clean and undamaged!

  • Cages are tailored to the size of the birds!

  • Feed / water and / or fruit are present!

  • Not too many birds in one cage!

Bad examples!


  • Too many birds in 1 cage

  • Standard Show cage max. 4 birds in size of a color canary

  • Sale out of transportcages is not allowed!

  • Cages must not be on the ground!

We are monitoring the quality, of the Zwolse Vogelmarkt in a positive sense! But the most important thing is animal welfare!

Anyone who reserves, thereby agrees to the Market Rules and Guidelines Sales Cages