Guidelines sales cages

 All birds  and cage's on the Zwolle Birdmarket must comply with these guidelines;

 1. There is always fresh water and / or fruit available for the birds. The diet should be adapted to the type of birds.

2. There is sufficient feed available for the birds.

This must be visibly present, preferably in containers.
3. Health: diseased, damaged or injured birds are not allowed. Dead and sick birds should be removed immediately.

4. Birds of prey, owls, quails and baby parrots are not allowed. Some birds are only allowed under certain conditions. (Eg cites birds)

5. European birds and their hybrids must be closed ringed. This ring needs some design and diameter, comply recorded in the Flora and Fauna Act 2002.

6. Guidelines which the cages must comply:
- The cages should be clean, whole and be provided with adequate perches, and tailored to the type of bird being held inside.

- Birds should NOT be on the floor!

-Sales from transport cages is not permitted. Transport Cages are allowed only for transport.

- The height of the cage should be sufficient. The bird must be able to stand / sit up there on the perch. (As stated in the rules of NBvV).

- Approximately two birds per cage, cage size must be adapted to the size of birds. For show cages there is an exception, then the following conditions apply.

Standard show cage; birds up to 4, up to the size of a color canary.

Big show cage: up to 4 Neophema or birds of a same format.

- If you don't use  show cages, our quality inspector determines of your'e cages are allowed.


Good examples 

  • Cages are clean and undamaged!

  • Cages are tailored to the size of the birds!

  • Feed / water and / or fruit are present!

  • Not too many birds in one cage!

Bad examples!


  • Too many birds in 1 cage

  • Standard Show cage max. 4 birds in size of a color canary

  • Sale out of transportcages is not allowed!

  • Cages must not be on the ground!

We are monitoring the quality, of the Zwolse Vogelmarkt in a positive sense! But the most important thing is animal welfare!